The following is a quick recap of my PubCon Austin presentation detailing some key steps you can take to move the needle immediately.

I often use many of these when I am starting a new project and waiting to get initial support from the development team and/or finalizing paperwork with procurement.?? By making some of these changes quickly you can show nearly immediate results

Action 1:? Focus on the basics

Ensure you have maximized indexability because if you are not indexed you cannot rank and cannot get clicked.

Action 2:? Focus on Eliminating Crawl Errors

For every error a Search Engine needs to deal with is one less relevant page they may miss.?? In the presentation i showed an example where a site had nearly 15 million errors and no once was working to reduce them.?? One comment from the SEO team was “Our Enterprise SEO tool does not have that metric so we did not consider it important.”

Action 3:? Confirm Index Rates

I show an example of a site that has 20 different country versions.? Each had 549 pages but only 12 to 20 were indexed.? The question is which ones are not and why?? Google flagged the same errors on every version.? We imported the XML site map into our Index Checker tool and could immediately tell which pages were not indexed.

Action 4:? Use HREFLang Element for Local Language sites

In this case I showed where the global page was ranking in Australia for a specif product search.? They have an Australian page but the signals to the global page were greater.? The global page you can only “learn about the product” but on the Australian page you can “buy the product”

Action 5:? Top Ranking Low Clicked Keywords

In this example I showed a couple of keyword phrases ranking in the top 5 positions but getting a fraction of the clicks.? Changing the meta description to make it more relevant increased clicks to 14.81% and driving nearly 20k additional visitors.

Action 6:? End of Life Product Opportunities

Showed a case where there were over 500k searches for 20 products no longer marketed by the company.? They removed the content from the site as not actively sold but people still were interested.? In my experience they want the new model, support, parts or something related.? This case the company captured $400k worth of opportunity by adding a page giving the searcher those options.

Action 7:? Focus on High Margin Products

In this case talked about how a person who felt overwhelmed by all of the SEO tasks and new content needs simply focused on the top 10 highest margin products and sold $48k in products in 2.5 weeks.

Action 8:? Monitor Preferred Landing Pages

This example showed a product search with a non-relevant paid ad and a PDF manual for the product ranking #2.? The company was spending significant money on the paid search.? The SEO agency showed they were ranking – when they replaced PDF with actual product page in results paid clicks decreased and traffic and revenue from organic increased.

Action 9:? Cost of Not Ranking and High CPC Non Ranking

I combined these two sections.? In DataPrizm we are able to show the cost of not ranking by looking at the missed opportunity from organic and multiply that by the cost per click.?? Also suggested doing a sort of paid search terms by cost per click and then see what is or is not ranking.?? If a word is a the top of your CPC range and not ranking, getting it to rank will have a significant impact

Action 10:? Link Recovery vs. Link Acquisition

In this case I showed a site that had more than 2 million links to the home page.? We identified links to home page that should go to product page.? Contacted, by phone, the sites and they shifted over 100 to the product page resulting in a top rank.? Was win for both sides.