About Our Company.

Back Azimuth helps companies better connect with global consumers by enabling them to collect, store and mine data to find missed opportunities.  Utilizing proven custom tools, tactics and strategies, companies can quickly identify missed opportunities that lead to significant traffic and revenue gains.  

Back Azimuth has helped companies generate over $1 billion in revenue by uncovering opportunities and making global digital programs more effective.   

The term Back Azimuth comes from compass navigation and counter sniping. Back Azimuth as a navigational term, is defined as a movement 180 degrees in the opposite direction. Counter-snipers use it to help them understand the probable location of a target based on a recent shot. When combined, these two definitions describe our approach.  Following the path of the consumer and their interests, we can create laser focused content that engages consumers at the very moment they are looking for it.

We believe, the better we can understand the stimuli that sent a visitor to our site and by understanding their intent (what they want to learn or do) we can better match them to the best product and offer that will lead to increased sales or leads. There are many signals available to us that often go under-leveraged – what site did they come from?, what ad did they click? what keyword did they use?