Back Azimuth specializes in simplifying the complexities of international expansion using the Internet by implementing proven scalable solutions.

With over 25 years experience working with some of the largest and most complex websites in the world, we have the experience and tools to tackle your challenges with the explicite goal if increasing revenue and effeciency.

Global Digital & Search Strategy

We have spent over 20 years helping companies get more out of their global search programs. We can work with you to develop a center of excellence and workflows that will scale, manage and increase performance in all markets.

HREFLang Strategy & Management

Save time and resources by leveraging our award-winning complete HREFLang Management solution across all markets to increase local market sales.  Read More

Global Domain Strategy

A critical step in global expansion is to formalize your domain strategy which will determine how you will be represented in the markets as well as the technical infrastructure that will be necessary to grow.

Web Effectiveness Audits

We offer a unique approach that integrates process management frameworks with global digital strategies that leverage your existing operational framework to ensure ongoing compliance and governance of these methods, especially during times of hyper-growth.  More Info

Digital Centers of Excellence

We have spent over 20 years helping companies integrate digital best practices into their existing workflows.  Some of our greatest success stories resulted from developing a Center of Excellence to foster collaboration and uniformity across brands and markets.

Website Integration Strategy

Most acquired companies and their websites are not correctly integrated into the new hierarchy resulting in a loss of nearly all traffic after acquisition due to poor integration workflow.

Voice of the Consumer Insights

The first step in any global strategy is to understand the needs, interests, and most importantly, wants of your consumer to help you identify content that will engage and convert them.

CMS Migrations & Website Refresh

Most migrated sites tend to lose as much as 80% of their traffic after a change. We have developed processes and tools that will minimize that decline and help increase traffic.

Google Search Console Error Cleanup

Increasing the number of pages indexed by Search Engines is a relatively easy way to increase traffic, especially across markets.  We will review the errors, develop long-term solutions to minimize recurrence, and even build support tickets.