HREFLang BUILDER Back Azimuth Consulting’s HREFLang Builder is an award winning cloud-based application that quickly builds HREFLang XML files to helps the engines understand the county, language and regional nuances of your content. Read More HREF Language XML Site Map Builder Quickly Build HREFLang XML Site Maps
Auto Update Large HREFLang XML Site Maps
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DataPrizm We have updated and renamed our Enterprise Keyword Management System to “DataPrism” to better explain the data mining that it is capable of offering. DataPrizm is a cloud-based data-mining platform that aggregates keywordicon-star Read More Search Data Aggregation
Search Opportunity Identification
Voice of the Customer Interest Modeling
Advanced Keyword Management Software
Site Migration Tool Site Migration Suite is a set of applications that help site owners quickly and easily monitor and prevent the most common mistakes that negatively impact SEO performance after a site rebuild or relaunch. Read More Minimize SEO Impact from Site Migrations Identify Valuable SEO Pages
Effectively Manage Redirects
Ensure reinclusion of pages in SERPS
Keyword Management Solutions
Manage Keyword Data from a Single Database, which has been a Search Marketers dream for analyzing data and time management

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PPC and SEO Co-Optimization
Only 2 out of 100 companies currently monitor or measure the interaction between their paid and organic search marketing campaigns

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Searcher Interest Modeling
Develop Searcher Interest and Intent Models for each of your product categories and business units to effectively align the searchers interest

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Analysis Types

Back Azimuth?s Voice of the Consumer Data Management System (VOCDMS).
1.Opportunity Analysis

Identify keywords that are not meeting preset standards of performance based on different scenarios

3.?Authority Monitoring

monitoring the authority performance of a keyword cluster to ensure the largest share of opportunities are captured.

2.?Co-Optimization Analysis

With the aggregation of Paid and Organic data we are able to identify cannibalization

4.?Optimal Content Monitoring

identifies situations where the wrong message is presented in high-value engagement opportunities.