HREFLang Management Solution

We offer a full-service solution to develop and manage hreflang protocol across your portfolio of sites. Many multinational brands, do not have uniform domain structures or a centralized DevOps team making the management of hreflang a daunting task resulting in partial or incorrect implementations. Our many years of experience consulting and managing for some of the largest brands has given us unique experience in how to manage hreflang across all types of complex configurations. The following are some of the key steps in this process.

HREFLang Strategy Development

During this step, we will review your global universe of sites and develop a plan for managing hreflang to ensure the correct market exposure. Depending on the complexity of your domain, market and SKU will make recommendations on the best way to deploy and manage hreflang to get maximum benefits.

Alternate URL Mapping and XML Site Map Creation

Using HREFLang Builder will import all of the URLs for each market into the system and use its powerful alternate page mapping logic to match pages and create validated XML site maps.

HREFLang XML Cross-Domain Management

In many cases managing hreflang files on a single top-level domain can be a challenge.  We can set up a specific domain for hosting XML site maps and work with the SEO/DevOps team to validate all of the unique market sites in Google Search Console to enable Google to import XML site maps from this secure location.

HREFLang Error Monitoring & Mitigation

Our team will review any errors and collaborate with the SEO and DevOps teams to resolve any errors and if necessary develop a severity/business case to justify the technology resources for any recommended changes.

Benefits of Centralized HREFLang Management

In our experience with decentralized brands or multiple brands, it is very common for regular XML site maps as well as hreflang to be incorrectly or haphazardly managed to result in Google ignoring these highly valuable signals resulting in both a lack of indexing and the wrong page appearing in the local markets.

Ensure Correct Implementation: By managing centrally at the corporate level you ensure that your pages are being submitted to search engines and ensure the first step of any SEO program is implemented correctly. By using a centrally managed program you guarantee a uniform and accurate creation and mapping of pages to ensure optimal results for all markets and brands.

Enable Brand and Market Teams Focus:

Often local markets and brands do not have the resources or access to the CMS to manage their XML and hreflang resulting in it not being maintained correctly.  We often find many requests from local market agencies for updates but due to the lack of communication or central organization, these are often not actioned.