Back Azimuth’s DataPrizm and The Absolut Company were shortlisted in the Best Use of Data category?for the collaborative work we have done on the Drinks Discovery Journey. ? This is a model that has evolved over the years with this nomination representing our most recent enhancements. ?The Drinks Discovery Journey is a massive database of millions of keyword variations related to cocktails.


For this model we used DataPrizm and mined an additional 1.5 million cocktail related phrases using both human and artificial intelligence to segment the keywords into 250 clusters the team generated a comprehensive map of how searchers search for known cocktails, but more importantly, how they discover new drinks based on color, mixers, spirit, glass type or location.?This process identified over 500 new content opportunities and changes to current assets.


By understanding that searchers wanted and how they wanted the information presented,? to increase?organic ranking, increase click rates exponentially and improve both brand and product awareness by increases on?site interactions and eCRM engagements. ?By collaborating with the other brands in the family we?are also able to increase overall SERP ShelfSpace by?achieving multiple collaborative listings which increases?engagement for?multiple brands.


We are in great?company with the other nominees and look forward to sharing a great night with our peers at the awards ceremony on?September 20th in NYC ? ?: