Back Azimuth

Back Azimuth has developed a number of enterprise specific tools that we have used for a number of years in our consulting practice and have recently made them available for license.


Back Azimuth Consulting?s HREFlang Builder is a cloud-based application that quickly builds HREF XML files to helps the engines understand the county, language and regional nuances of your content.? With HREFlang builder you can quickly load,

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DataPrizm?is a cloud-based keyword data mining and management platform which aggregates keyword data into a single web-based application enabling marketers to quickly identify actionable insights to eliminate inefficiencies and missed opportunities.

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Site Migration Suite

The Site Migration Suite is a set of tools and best practices that were developed to ensure our consulting projects were as successful as possible.?? When refreshing or migrating a site there are 4 factors of why the search performance fails after the update.

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Build HREF Files
The HREF Builder was designed to quickly map pages and build correctly matched XML HREF Language Files.
Manage HREFLang Files
The HREF Builder allows you to manage and quickly update HREF XML files as your content changes.
HREFLang XML Benefits
There are a number of key benefits to using HREF Language XML site maps including augmenting currents
Site Migration & Refresh SEO Playbook

This is a comprehensive guide on where and how to integrate SEO into the site refresh and migration process.? I

Keep and Delete Tool
One of the biggest challenges of a site migration and rebuild is to determine which content to migrate and which content to remove.
Redirect Monitoring and Validation
during a site migration to HTTPS or a major refresh the Search team will identify a list of URL?s and their destination .


  • Build HREF Files
  • Manage HREFLang Files
  • HREFLang XML Benefits


  • Keyword Management Solutions
  • PPC and SEO Co-Optimization
  • Searcher Interest Modeling


  • Current Page Views of the page
  • Current Traffic to the page
  • Current Organic Search Rank