Simple Integration of Paid and Organic Search Data nets over $500k in gains in less than 60 days!


Incremental SEO Revenue in 60 days


Savings in PPC Click costs in 40 days

$2.5 Million

Total Increased revenue in first 90 days


Online Travel site in UK wanted to understand the Collaboration or Cannibalization of their independently managed organic and paid search programs. ?
Imported 2 prior months of paid and organic search data and conversion metrics into DataPrizm. ?Opened the default Co-Optimization report to find a number of words that were not in alignment. ?

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Reviewed the ?High Rank Low Click Report? to find a number of high ranking organic phrases that needed their search results description changed to make them more compelling
The next key step was to review the Preferred Landing Page (PLP) Top 10 Report to find keywords that were ranking in the Top 10 positions where a page other than the desired page was ranking. ?This helped identify a number of opportunities
were a less than optimal page was ranking higher than a page with better conversion ability.


Immediately identified 43 high cost per click paid search keywords that did not have a high organic ranking. ??SEO Team optimized 8 of them and reduced PPC clicks saving $32k in first month and $250k in 60 days and over $1 million by end of quarter.
Identified 21 Top 3 ranking organic words with low click rate and no PPC ads. ?Added direct offer PPC ad and generated $19k in incremental revenue in first week.
Identified high clicks and no revenue from high ranking ?Last Minute Easter Deals? keyword phrase ? realized page has no offers as was previous years landing page. ?Redirected page to current offers page generated $37k in revenue that would have been lost.

Feature Used

Segmentation Tool
Used to break words down into useful and measureable buckets
Rank to Click
Help understand what the normal click rate should be for the site.
To see paid and organic search data side by side to make an easy analysis of the collaborative performance.