Searcher Interest Modeling

Develop Searcher Interest and Intent Models for each of your product categories and business units to effectively align the searchers interest with your related content to maximize clicks and most importantly conversions.? When the site presents ads and landing pages that match the specific phase of the buy cycle or specific interests and needs of the searcher engagement and conversions increase exponentially.

The following are some of the most common ways to segment your keywords to help you understand Searcher Interest and Intent Models.


  • Brand Searchers ? Target those actively seeking your products or services via branded keyword phrases with the goal of driving them to specific conversion elements.
  • Unbranded Category Searchers ? Target those who have not qualified / identified a brand in their search query with the goal of introducing them to your specific product offers.? Close monitoring is required to maximize ROI.
  • Stated Problem and Product Searchers ? match destination highlights and features to keywords and drive them to the optimal page to introduce products that more closely match their interest and intent.
  • Buy Cycle Segmentation ? allows you to match the right content with searchers based on where you believe they are in the purchase cycle.? This allows yo to match information and content directly to their specific interest and needs.
  • Competitive Searchers ? Monitor and target search volume around competitive related keywords with the goal of offering an alternative.

We at Back Azimuth only offer the tools to manage and segment your keywords.? The deeper ?Consumer Intent Modeling? of the data is the specialty of a firm like Global Strategies.