Ensure the best page is the ranking page!?

The idea of PLP Analysis ? or Preferred Landing Monitoring ? the action of ensuring the the specific page that was optimized and/or designed to convert the best for this query is the page that is ranking the highest.

We have found that replacing ?any page? with a ?PLP? can lead to as much as a 50% improvement in conversions since the page is more relevant to what the searcher is looking for.? In addition, you may have older pages or totally random pages that outrank the desired page.? By monitoring key pages you can identify where the best page is not the page you want and make appropriate changes as below.

For a UK-based travel site that was ranking #1 and getting around a 50% click rate on a specific keyword we found they had no conversions. ?Quickly looking at the page we would ?last years offer page? with no current offer resulting in a 98% bounce rate on the page. ?A simple 301 redirect was added resulting in $60k in new revenue in 10 days. ? This is revenue that would have been lost had they not looked at ?which page? was ranking not that ?a? page was ranking.

Our second example shows our ?11 to 15? report which tells us that this site has 38 keywords that currently have their desired landing page ranking somewhere between #11 to 15.? This range which represents the top of the second page which are often great low handing fruit since it takes just a few page?tweaks?or a single link to move them to the first page.? We have had a few agencies love this report to help them find keywords that they can show the client nearly immediate improvement for while making the harder and more long-term changes on the site.