Maximize Paid & Organic Listings

With the aggregation of Paid and Organic data we are able to identify cannibalization as well as keyword synergies. Fewer than 5% of companies even review the data let alone maximize the synergies that are possible.?? For current clients, the average savings has averaged around 15% of the total PPC media spend.?? For out typical client with a $10 million dollar media spend this is $150k in clicks that can be used for under performing keywords.

in the example below, we show the top 20 keywords in exact match sorted by Cost Per Click ? the per click cost of these words ranges from $95.85 per click to a high of $320.91 per click.? Note the first Organic Rank column: this shows us that only 1 of the 20 keywords with the most expensive click are ranking in the top 5 positions of the search engine.? The others are above 50 or not ranking anywhere in the top 100.

Agree or not with Co-Optimization ? collaboration of paid and organic can only occur when you have a high ranking organic and high ranking paid search listing.? Two typical actions from this report ? ask the PPC team if the CPC is accurate and if so the second action is to confirm the SEO team is working on these keywords to try to get them to rank better.? Once you have this ranking you can monitor the cannibalization or collaboration of the two using our upcoming ?Proximity Analysis.?