HREFLang Builder

HREFLang Builder is the only enterprise-level solution for fully automating HREFLang XML Management quickly and effectively!  The multi-award-winning and innovative software is being used by a number of global brands to ensure the correct page is showing to consumers in each market.

HREFLang Builder Overview

Back Azimuth Consulting?s HREFlang Builder is a cloud-based application that quickly builds HREF XML files to helps the engines understand the county, language and regional nuances of your content.? With HREFlang builder you can quickly load,

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Benefits of HREFLang

The benefits of using hreflang are often misunderstood.  Watch this video to understand the benefits of using hreflang to ensure the correct page is showing to users in their markets.

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HREFLang Challenges

Watch this video to illustrate various implementations of HREFLang and the why it is considered the most technically complex activity in SEO.

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Build HREF Files
The HREF Builder was designed to quickly map pages and build correctly matched XML HREF Language Files.
Manage HREFLang Files
The HREF Builder allows you to manage and quickly update HREF XML files as your content changes.
HREFLang XML Benefits
There are a number of key benefits to using HREF Language XML site maps including augmenting currents
Dynamic URL Mapping

Utilize one of the 36 methods developed to map alternate pages to automatically manage your hreflang XML.

Identify Missing URL's
Quickly identify pages missing from XML site maps and those not mapped.
URL Error Management
Automatically test and removes pages that fail and should not be added to XML with country-level error reporting.