Critical Issues Identification

Quickly Identify Critical Issues and Poor Performance :-

The top request from search marketers were to help them find the gold nuggets of insight that will allow them to quickly find opportunities, increase?efficiencies?and more?importantly?pinpoint problem areas. ?We have a variety of actionable?analysis?functions that span both paid and?organic?keyword data to find these opportunities.

For example, Under Performing Organic ? this identifies keywords that are ranking in the top 3 positions of the search engine but not generating their share of clicks. ?One client fixed a single organic snippet that was showing navigation words and updated it with an actionable snippet resulting in $24,000 in reduced PPC clicks in a single month.

For example, Negative ROI PPC ?? this identifies keywords that are currently generating a negative ROI meaning the cost for their clicks is greater than their revenue. ?In this?example, the client has over 29,000 (yes 29,000 keywords) that are generating a negative ROI (loss) in the sum of $183,149 a WEEK! ?Just turning off these words for a few days pays for the tool!

Our newly updated Critical Issues Analysis helps you dig into you keyword portfolio to find underperforming keywords and take action quckly.


Underperforming Organic

This analysis is the lowest of your low-hanging fruit waiting to be picked up from keywords that are already ranking well but not getting clicked. A detailed example of our Underperforming Organic functionality . Simply fixing a few of these can take a stalled campaign and reenergize it with measurable performance improvement. The reality is the hard part is done ? you are ranking so making changes to chippets or the actual page that is ranking can reap high rewards.

Cost of Not Ranking

This is a simple report that shows you the estimated cost of buying the clicks you are getting from paid search that should be coming from organic. We use a combination of average click rates as well as generally accepted click ratios on paid and organic to estimate the ?cost of not ranking? ? this is budget that can be leveraged for other keywords that are underperforming. More information on our earlier work on ?Cost of Not Ranking Analysis? can be found on my personal blog.

Negative ROI PPC

This is a quick look at your paid search terms that currently have a negative ROI. A few terms underperforming is fine but you often find as many as 10% of the keywords in your paid search portfolio may have a negative ROI.

High Value Organic Only

While it might be hard to believe that the paid search campaign does not already have all the words of your portfolio we find it quite common to have high-performing organic long tail keywords missing from your paid search program. This analysis simply finds keywords that are generating revenue via organic traffic but are not currently active in a paid search campaign.

Content Opportunity Analysis

This is our newest edition and was added since companies wanted to identify opportunities for content. It identifies keywords with relatively high search demand were you neither have a Preferred Landing Page identified or you do not have any page ranking in the top 30 positions of Google. The assumption being if neither of these exist you may not have a page and be missing out on this key opportunity. Once the report opens you simply click on the keyword and it jumps you to Google where it does a keyword query for you to see if there are any pages that could be used as a preferred landing page, page to optimize, or if your missing this opportunity completely.