Cost of Not Ranking Analysis

Our Cost of Not Ranking Analysis helps identify keywords where we are paying a premium on clicks that we could be getting via organic. This function is more for the SEO team to help motivate management that with additional support, content changes or budget they can improve specific keywords that will have a greater collaborative impact with paid search efforts.

We have been refining this feature to make it more representative of the opportunity. Note: Any suggestions are appreciated


In our example we have uncovered 701 keywords that are currently costing the company just over $104k a week in click costs that could have went into organic search had they been ranking in the top positions for the phrases. Ok before you send hate mail on all the reasons they are not being clicked read the call out ?

These 701 keywords have NO organic exposure on the first page thus resulting is the near 0 potential of getting traffic from organic search. We are about these 701 since they ARE paying for traffic since there must be some level of value to these words.

Our newly updated Critical Issues Analysis helps you dig into you keyword portfolio to find underperforming keywords and take action quckly.


1. Our first keyword to review ?bed and breakfast? where we are not ranking in the top 30. I jumped to this one since we are willing to pay $4.79 per click. We expected to get 1,406 of the clicks via organic. Since they did not get any that means that 1,406 of the clicks we got in paid could have came from organic costing is $6,734.74 for those clicks.

2. We see at #2 ?car rental? where we are ranking #11 for the phrase and we did get some traffic 148 of the expected 1,571. This word we are paying $3.45 per click so the missed clicks of 1,719 times the CPC of $3.45 cost us $5,419.77 in click costs that we might not have had if we were ranking for this phrase.

3. We see at #3 ?Paris hotels? where we are ranking #15 for the phrase and we did not get any visits missing out on 127 visits. This word we are paying $5.52 per click (one of the highest CPC?s) so the missed clicks of 127 times the CPC of $5.52 cost us $897.77 in click costs. This is is called out since it is also a Tier 1 keyword ? one of the most important which is why they are willing to pay so much per click.

We also added the ability to segment by your keyword priorities. In the image below we have filters to only see the opportunity for our Tier 1 words. In this case it is 89 of the most important words that has a cost of $9,246 per week in paid clicks that should have came from organic.