Keyword Management Software Features

Welcome to our Keyword Management System features tour!   This Advanced Keyword Management Software was built by listening to what leading Search Marketers told us they needed to effectively manage their keyword related data and wring more opportunity from their treasure trove of keyword data.

Over the past year we have surveyed and spoken to hundreds of agencies, brand and Search Marketers to understand their needs and challenges and what follows is that solution.   Take a look below at the key features of our Keyword Management System and how it can help you get more out of your programs.

Keyword Data Management

Search Marketers have dreamed of a single database for managing all of their keyword data – paid, organic and site search.  It is now possible!   Using the scale of the cloud and our patent-pending database solution we are able to combine the data and them mine it in hundreds of different ways to help marketers find opportunities which were never possible before.

Critical Issues

The top request from search marketers were to help them find the gold nuggets of insight that will allow them to quickly find opportunities, increase efficiencies and more importantly pinpoint problem areas.  We have a variety of actionable analysis functions that span both paid and organic keyword data to find these opportunities.

Co-Optimization Analysis

With the aggregation of Paid and Organic data we are able to identify cannibalization as well as keyword synergies. Fewer than 5% of companies even review the data let alone maximize the synergies that are possible.   For current clients, the average savings has averaged around 15% of the total PPC media spend.

Preferred Landing Page Analysis


The idea of PLP Analysis – or Preferred Landing Monitoring – the action of ensuring the the specific page that was optimized and/or designed to convert the best for this query is the page that is ranking the highest.   We have found that replacing “any page” with a “PLP” can lead to as much as a 50% improvement in conversions since the page is more relevant to what the searcher is looking for.  In addition, you may have older pages or totally random pages that outrank the desired page.  By monitoring key pages you can identify where the best page is not the page you want and make appropriate changes as below.

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Keyword Cluster Authority Analysis


This feature is a somewhat radical way of looking at keywords as a cluster or group of similar phrases.  For example, if you make pet food and have identified 500 words related to your dog food products. 300 for cat food and the rest for the other pet products.   To be the most authoritative on the topic you would expect to be on the first page of the search engine for 500 of 500 keywords.

To be the most authoritative on the topic you would expect to be on the first page of the search engine for 500 of 500 keywords.

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Rank to Convert


Quit guessing what is possible using generic 3rd party research to see what is possible when you rank at a specific position.  We are able to use your own data to predict what your potential clicks and revenue could be if you rank in the top 10 positions.   This helps you see what ranks convert best with and without paid search.  We can also sort by brand and non-brand keywords as well as any category or interest segment.

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ShelfSpace Management


IF your company has multiple brands within a single category a key insight is how much Search Result ShelfSpace do you occupy? For example, Pernod-Ricard has many brands of Whisky from Jameson to Chiva’s to Ballantine’s.  For a query like “whisky” how many of their brands are represented?  Just like in a retail store, for every item they can have on the shelf that is one less a competitor can have.   Break keywords into key clusters and monitor your ShelfSpace Domination.

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