Back Azimuth Technology Infrastructure

Back Azimuth?s DataPrizm and HREFLang Builder solutions use sophisticated patent-pending cloud scalability, data base mining and relevance algorithms which were designed from the ground up to ensure scalability and performance for even the largest portfolios of?keywords and content.


  • Data Management?-?Back Azimuth has assembled a complex data infrastructure too allow us to accurately pair as many as 100 different attributes for each of the millions of keywords in a client’s portfolio. ? We have also had to account for the best optimized projects as well as accounts that were well, not so optimized and ?contain data combinations that we never knew were possible. ? We developed propriety data cleaning tools that filter out over 1,200 common and not-so-common issues with data and allow the client to clean and reintroduce them into their portfolio.
  • Advanced Data Mining & Performance -?Back Azimuth has tapped into some of the best minds and advanced technology to enable the data mining and analysis necessary to process millions of keywords and as much as 1 terabyte of client keyword data each reporting period to literately find the needle in the haystack and to quickly identify performance enhancement opportunities for clients.
  • Cloud Scalability-?Leveraging the experience of OC4?s cloud performance optimization solutions we offer an on-demand scalable infrastructure that was designed and optimized to ensure the highest performance, security, and application availability.? The cloud is what has made this application possible.?? Optimizing the elastic nature to add servers to conduct the analysis quickly and tun them off when not in use has allowed Back Azimuth to offer this level of performance at a fraction of traditional costs.
  • Multilingual and Double Byte Capability -?Back Azimuth has created one of the few Search Marketing tools that actually supports multilingual and Asian double byte character sets.? This allows you to see and interact with your data no matter the language and location.