Manage Keyword Data from a Single Database

Search Marketers have dreamed of a single database for managing all of their keyword data ? paid,?organic?and site search. ?It is now possible! ? Using the scale of the cloud and our patent-pending database solution we are able to combine the data and then mine it in hundreds of different ways to help marketers find opportunities which were never possible before.

Keywords are the lifeblood of a company’s Search Marketing program.? Yet, most companies struggle with organizing and aggregating all of their keywords into a single, easy to manage database.?? Search queries represent the collective needs, wants and problems of your consumers.? When they are mined and analyzed properly they offer a lens into their thought process that can be used across the organization.

Comprehensive Keyword Management is a?hallmark of world-class status in a search organization.? These companies understand the more effectively they can organize?and manage their keyword universe and prioritization process the more successful and efficient they will be with connecting with intent-driven consumers.



Our solution also allows you to quickly search for individual keywords as well as words based on various classifications.