Import & Store Google Search Analytics Data

The only real source of keyword data for your site comes from Google Search Console’s Search Analytics.? Unfortunately, Google only keeps 90 days worth of data and gives you 1,000 records in the download.? If you use the API you can still only get 90 days worth but you can get up to 5,000 per account.? This goes a lot farther than the typical “Not Provided” crumbs of data in analytics tools.

We work with clients to set up multiple, in some cases thousands of sub accounts in Search Console for the different sections of the site and import and store the data in DataPrizm.? This allows you to keep the data to analyze and build trends and other models going beyond 90 days.

Since we connect to your Search Console account we show you all the available accounts and you check the ones you want to import.


Most scripts and tools that export this data export to CSV files.? We import it directly into the database and flag any new words so you can identify opportunities.