Authority and Cluster Monitoring

Do you own your category?

This feature is a somewhat radical way of looking at keywords as a cluster or group of similar phrases.? For example, if you make pet food and have identified 500 words related to your dog food products. 300 for cat food and the rest for the other pet products.?? To be the most authoritative on the topic you would expect to be on the first page of the search engine for 500 of 500 keywords.

For example, the Air Cluster ? there are 2,408 keywords generating over 5 million searches a week.?? In this case the site is only getting 1.21% of the clicks missing out on a significant opportuity.? This is due to only 275 of the 2,408 keywords (11%) in the category being on page 1 of Google.?? These keywords generated over $500k in revenue so image what might be possible if more of the keywords were ranking better!